“I have attended a lot of conferences and networking events over the last 20 years. None of them can compare to the feeling and excitement that I feel when I’m around the team. My wife and I have committed to returning to IMC twice a year with our 3 sons because it is important for our dream to continue to surround ourselves around leaders who are in life where we want to be.”

Michael J Pope Jr

“I still remember the feeling I got when I signed up for Mentorship in my first IMC, the sound of the bells and the cheering of everyone in the mentorship booth pumped me up! I immediately saw the benefits of going to the next level. I’m not sure I would have understood the value of it at all if I had not attended in person. Ever since then, I look forward to being there in person, purchase books and have them personally autographed by papa John! Have you registered to attend yet?”

Norma Zambrano

“Like I tell people the energy, the engagement and excitement is an unforgettable experience. Every year since then I strive to ensure I attend at least one IMC every year because each one has it’s own unique experience. I’m looking forward to be in the room in 2022!!! Will you be in the room?”

Odeyemi Olayiwole

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